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When you're looking for the right person for the job, you want to see samples of work they've done within your industry or something similar to your project. I've been in the business for nearly twenty years, so chances are I've got something to show you that proves I have the expertise to help make your project a success. 


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Bank Administration Institute (BAI)

The Bank Administratve Institute is the source for unbiased education and research in the financial serbai logovices industry. In order to help drive attendance and sponsorship at their premier events, BAI needed a copywriter with very strong financial knowledge. As a former futures and option trading room associate with CBOT Series 7 and insurance certification, I had the finance and investment expertise to speak intelligently to their target audience.



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Wrote copy for a highly sophisticated financial services audience on very technical topics, industry trends and new technology
Coordinated with several inhouse project leaders to fulfill objectives and meet frequently "aggresive" deadlines
Required good working knowledge of the financial industry and the trends and issues affecting the banking industry
Wrote copy for over 100 different projects, including:


  • Event brochures
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Website content


Other financial clients: BCU Credit Union, CNA Insurance, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, EJL Investements, David A. Noyes Investments, Fuji Bank, Janus Funds, GlobalRisk, HSBC, LaSalle Banks, Maguire Asset Management, Midwest Bank, National City Bank, Nexbridge Capital Markets, Northern Trust, PNC, Envestnet, Upromise, Verit Advisors, Zurich-Kemper