Life Fitness

  "Thanks for making the tight deadline on our newsletter mailer. We didn't change one word and it got out to our retailers on time. You took on a variety of projects and handled them all with ease."  Phil Hindley, Marketing Associate, Life Fitness    ...



"You acted with 'grace under pressure' in executing a variety of time-sensitive projects with sometimes 'impossible' deadlines. Your easy-going manner and ability to work well with a team were also attributes that I personally appreciate. Your ability to execute everything from major direct mailing campaigns to professionally produced videos to top-notch marketing collateral helped to elevate our technology division, as well as successfully launch a new sister company."   Michelle Bochnak, VP, Marketing, FTD...



“Thanks for helping us launch our GatorBar and ReLode product lines. Our target demands information, yet it’s always a struggle to talk to a wide range of people. You met the challenge of a sincere, honest dialogue that was informative to the less knowledgeable, but not condescending to the more knowledgeable—not an easy thing to do.”   Lori Calvino, Senior Foods Specialist, Consumer Foods Center...

Copywriting Services that Can Help You Craft and Deliver Your Message

So, what is your message?


Not so easy, huh? Crafting and delivering that message to your target audience takes a no-nonsense, focused approach. It takes a good, hard scrubbing of the superfluous and ruthless weeding of redundancy. It means asking important questions, finding the right words and using the best strategy, such as SEO copywriting for your website, so you get the maximum results.

Let’s get started.



If You Need Copywriting Services…


Whether you need crisp writing for your website, e-mail campaign, brochure, direct mail or any other marketing or communications projects—I can help you craft and deliver your key messages effectively.


My name is John Mora and I’ve been providing copywriting services and SEO copywriting for top consumer and B2B companies for 20 years. I've worked for some names you'd recognize... Blue Cross Blue Shield, Grainger, HSBC, Bally, Brunswick, Aon, CNA, Accenture, Nissan, Kodak, Life Fitness, Zurich-Kemper, FTD, Janus Funds, Best Buy, Gatorade and Quaker Oats are just a few examples.


The name of my business is Creative Copywriting, Marketing & Communications (C3 for short). As your business-building partner, my focus is helping you discover, sharpen and communicate that one crucial message and create marketing or communications tools based on that foundational vision. And for websites, I can also provide web copywriting, including comprehensive SEO and keyword research.


If You Need More…


Okay, I didn’t plan it this way, but I’ve also spent the better part of twenty years doing a heck of a lot more than just providing copywriting services. Turns out I’ve got organizational and people skills too… and I LOVE working as an integral part of a creative team.

Just take a look at some of the samples on the site and see for yourself. I’ve collaborated on creative briefs, marketing plans, product ideation, branding documents, even project management on some of these assignments (where noted). So if you’re looking for more than just a freelance copywriter, I’ve got the combination of strategic and "get-it-done" skills to make your project a success.