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When you're looking for the right person for the job, you want to see samples of work they've done within your industry or something similar to your project. I've been in the business for nearly twenty years, so chances are I've got something to show you that proves I have the expertise to help make your project a success. 


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Telelogic (IBM)

According to Gartner, Telelogic is the market leader in requirements management software, arming developers at global companies like Boeing, Siemens, Honeywell, Saab and Astra Zeneca with proven solutions. They needed an expert technology copywriter with strong long- and short-form skills to speak effectively to both CIOs and developers working in the trenches. I provided spot-on copy for a variety of projects for more than four years.



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Provided website content and copy for case studies, white papers, email campaigns and more
Case studies and white papers required interviewing clients and Telelogic executives in all parts of the world (via phone conference) 
Knowledge and a comfort level with highly complex developer software and technology solutions was required 


Services included:
  • Direct mail copywriting
  • Web content writing
  • Email blasts
  • Writing for trade show presentations
  • Interviewing
  • Telemarketing scripts 
  • Case study and white paper writing 


Designer: Barking Dog Communications


Other technology clients: Accenture, Avanade (Microsoft/Accenture joint venture), Charles Telecom Industries, Chart-Tech (healthcare IT), DLOG NC-Systems, Enfusion (hedge fund software), FileNET (software),, GlobalRisk Software, Hamilton Electronics, HIMSS (healthcare IT association), Hitachi Electronics, Integrated Security Technology, Jensen Audio, Kinsey & Kinsey (IT consultants), Laurus Technology (IT consultants), Mercury Technology, Platinum Technology, Questron Electronics, Siemens, SPSS, Telelogic (IBM), UTEK Computer Consultants, Vasco Data Security, Vivaki (global digital agency group)